Recurring Events / Multiple Event Instances

On certain websites your calendar manager will have the ability to create recurring events. These are events that only need to be entered once, but can display repeatedly on the calendar depending on the number of instances entered. 

For example, if you have a recurring event that will occur every Tuesday in a given month, you would enter the event once into calendar manager and add instances to that event (using date and time).



Add Recurring Event

1. To begin, go to Calendar Manager > Events and find your event.
2. Click on the radio button next to the event and click "Manage Events" If there are any recurring events, you will see them in a list.
3. To add individual event instances, click the "New" button to get empty set of date and time fields and enter as many as needed. 



These work well when for events that do not happen at exact intervals, such as weekly or monthly.

To add instances at exact intervals, such as daily, weekly or monthly, click the "Create Recurring Instances" button. Pick a start and end date and time and a recurrence pattern from the options available. 



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