How do I add or change the image on the homepage?

The main homepage images are called promo images. They are the large images that take up much of the homepage. 

As all image files, these images live in the File Manager. They are then pulled dynamically into the homepage using the Homepage Promos tool under Homepage Manager.


Optimal Image Size

  • The optimal size for a homepage promo image is 1,500 x 815 pixels. 


To add a new promo image 

  • Upload a file to the designated folder within file manager. For info more info on how to use file manager, click here.
  • Once uploaded, go to Homepage Manager > Homepage Promos
  • You will see a list (with image) of any existing homepage promo sliders, click add new at the top. 
  • Enter a name, image file (browse file manager), focal point and caption. 
  • Check the publish* box and click add

*If you are not ready to publish, leave this unselected. You can click add to save your work.


Edit existing promo image

  • In Homepage Manager > Homepage Promos, click the radio button and edit ad the top, or click the title for an existing promo. This will display the options for the existing promo.
  • Make any changes needed, such as: title, file (photo) and caption.
  • Click add to save your changes.


Delete an existing promo image

  • Click the radio button for an existing promo
  • At the top, click Delete
  • If asked "are you sure you want to delete?" click Yes.
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