How to Edit Global Properties

To edit your site's global properties, click the Global Properties tool and then click 'Global Properties'

From this page, the following information can be edited:

  • Page Title - this is the name that displays in the browser window tab

To edit the Title, enter in the appropriate information in the Title field and click 'Update'

  • Page Descriptions & Keywords -  also known as meta tags. These are invisible for site visitors, but help with search engine indexing. 

To edit the Page Description or Keywords, enter the appropriate information in the Description and Keywords fields and click 'Update'. When adding keywords, separate them with commas. 

  • Page Footer - this is the information at the bottom of each page on the website

To edit the Footer, click 'Open WYSIWYG Editor' and make appropriate edits, then click 'Done' to close the WYSIWYG Editor. Click 'Update'

To learn more about the Global Properties Manager and its functionality, click here



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