How to add a new page in Page Builder

To begin, go to Page Builder and click on 'Pages.'

Remember, to create a page, you must select a category for that page to live under first. If none has been created yet, click  Categories > New  to create one.



Adding a New Page

  • Select the page category in the under on the categories dropdown menu
  • Click ‘New’
  • Enter the page name
  • Select whether or not the page should be published by checking ‘Publish this page’
  • Select whether or not the page should be searchable by checking ‘Make this page searchable’
  • Enter the display name
  • Enter the SEO URL, Page Name, Display Name and so on.
  • Use the 'WYSIWYG' editor to add content to your page. More info here


You will notice that a template of empty fields appears. Fill in all that apply. You must have a page name or you will not be able to save your page.


TIP: The page should be built and previewed before it is published for the web. Make sure to hit the 'Publish this Page' as the last step when building a page.






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