How to post an article into the right category


Posting an article

  • Click on ‘Articles’
  • Select the category from the dropdown
  • To add a new article, click ‘New’
  • Enter article date
  • Check the box for Publish this article
  • Select publish date
  • Enter headline
  • Enter subhead, if applicable
  • Select SEO URL
    Note: clicking auto will automatically generate a URL based on the headline
  • Enter teaser – first paragraph of article
  • Choose what type of content is being published: an article that you will manually insert in WYSIWYG, a link to another site or article, a file that you will upload or a video or audio file
  • To manually insert content, click in the WYSIWYG and choose the ‘Paste as Plain Text’ or ‘Paste from Word’ icon and paste the content
  • Click ‘Done’
  • Select images and enter in appropriate focus point, captions and credits, if applicable
  • Click Add



Selecting Categories

Categories help you organize your content internally. They are also useful externally, say, if you want a specific page to display only one type of category.


  • To associate articles to multiple categories, click the highlighted number in the categories column
  • Check the box next to the categories to associate
  • Note: Selecting Regents Highlights will populate the section on the home page
  • Click Save
    Note: This will cause the article to populate on all category pages


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