What is Homepage Manager?

For websites with this feature, Homepage Manager gives administrators the ability to mange certain elements of the homepage.

For example, if there is an emergency message that needs to be displayed above all else, adding the message to a text field in Homepage Manager will ensure that this message is displayed when the site is loaded in either a pop up or overlay. 

Admins can also feature a video to play, choose which newsroom category will feed the main news area visible on the homepage and remove any news articles that have been added to the home page. The administrators can also add featured calendar items.

The Home Page Manager also allows you to manage other elements that may be visible on your homepage, such as Promotions (or Promos for short).

Promos are usually pods or blocks of content on the homepage. Usually these are below the main homepage slider, or off to the side in a sidebar for older websites.

Sub-Home Pages are also manageable from here. Sub-home pages are pages that house main sections of your website, and require more than a simple page to fit all their information, such as its own calendar or newsroom. More on Sub-Home Pages.


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